About us

11_PURPLE_SHOWA_MEISEN_TOWNWEAR_WITH_PEONYPatricia & Steve Mansfield-Devine are freelance writers and photographers (see, ‘What we do‘) based in Normandy, France.

Trish became a journalist in 1986, first as a sub and production editor before going freelance as a feature and news writer on a wide variety of publications.

In private life, her passions include cycling, textiles, beading and costume history. She is currently writing a book and planning an exhibition based around her collection of vintage kimono.

cherrypoint-100Steve started in journalism in 1981 and has worked on partworks, trade weeklies and consumer monthlies. But for most of his career he’s been freelance, mostly as a feature and news writer and editor but also with stints as a sub and production editor. He currently specialises in information security and is the editor of two monthly journals.

His degree is film & photography and Steve has always had a parallel career as a photographer. He’s the author of three aviation photography books, Cherry Point, Kaneohe Bay and Photographing Aeroplanes (he holds US & UK private pilot licences). He has a number of photography projects in progress, which  are part of his Layered Land project.

» Visit Steve’s online photography portfolio at Zolachrome.com »

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In 2012, Steve & Trish created the independent publishing house Webvivant Press through which they’ve published Trish’s non-fiction title Make Do & Cook and Steve’s two novels, Lady Caine and Black Project, as well as works by Clare Le May and John Hallam Lott.

In their spare time, Trish & Steve cycle on e-bikes and blog about it at Bocage Biking.

They are also founder members of the independent filmmaking group Zolascope, writing short films on which which Steve has also worked as director, editor and cinematographer and for which Trish has handled costume and make-up. Steve has also created the StoryFlow shot listing app for film directors and cinematographers.